His Majesty Eodred II

His Majesty Eodred II, king of korvosa, Deceased, Chelixian, age 70




Born as Arabasti Arkapallus, King Eodred II adopted the name of the first king of Korvosa when he took the throne, hoping to achieve the same level of popularity and success as his namesake. Eodred loved the soft touch of women, regardless of race, ethnicity, or (according to rumors) age. He also enjoyed spending generously, regaling himself and his harem with the finest luxuries worldwide.

King Eodred II also spent widely on the city in numerous projects including a small orphanage (bringing the total in the city to five) and the Pantheon of Many. Despite the many rumors around him, King Eodred II had some popularity among the common people due to his investments in the city. Most of his subjects regarded him as a benign and harmless monarch, more interested in his hobbies than in dealing with the issues that really affect the city. Some critics, however, considered him a poor king, a hedonist who was bleeding the city, and nicknamed him the Stirge King.

Upon his death after a long illness (and apparent poisoning) the city was plunged into turmoil. His young Queen, Ileosa took command.

His Majesty Eodred II

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