Gracchus Jeggare


Chelaxian Swashbuckler


A minor scion of house Jaggare, who attended Orsinis college along with his cousin Marius Jaggare, to learn the arts of the sword with a famed teacher, he expecting to be married off for family advantage to the daughter of a wealthy merchant, that daughter, Korva Alazario was charming and pretty, if not beautiful, and the engagement promised a content future, possibly even a happy one, which is as much as a third son of a minor branch of such a house could look forward to. Then she did not make an appointment they had at his families offices on the docks, he thought this unusual but not necessarily bad, until he discovered a whore on the dock wearing a dress you recognised as hers, for a few coins the whore revealed where she had got the dress, a local pawn merchants. There he discovered the engagement ring, the mark of their betrothal, that moment the light hearted and slightly resigned noble scion changed, and the vengeful bladesman came to the fore, whether this change is permanent is hard to say, but for now Gaedren Lamm has a implacable and deadly foe, for no one crosses House Jeggare and one.

Gracchus Jeggare

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