Grand Cathedral of Pharasma and Shrine of the Fates (Pharasma)
Bank of Abadar
Temple of Aroden
Temple of Sarenrae
Sanctuary of Shelyn (Shrine)
The Temple of Asmodeus
Pantheon of the Many
Death Cultists


Korvosa was founded 300 years ago by the nation of Chelix as the first step in conquering the Varisian peninsula and expanding the Chelixian Empire into this untamed wilderness. It was Aroden, a particularly popular and powerful faith worshiped by almost all humans in Chelix at the time to build the first church in the city. The Bank of Abadar was the second of the faiths, the Abadarians having backed the attempt to bring civilisation to Varisia from the first day. When the Bank of Abadar was built in the new city, many of the cities important civil buildings were also moved out of Old Korvosa.

As the city state expanded and its power and influence grew, other religions also found a home in here, the Pharasmians soon took to guarding the dead and Shaylin priests started to visit as art and culture started to blossom. Upon the death of Aroden, his church fell into disrepair and as the state watched the Empire of Chelix descend into chaos, the Crimson Throne was born.

As the newly independent kingdom was created and in the years following, a number of new religions found their home here. First cam the Asmodian disciples, hoping to reunite the Crimson Throne with the newly forming Diabolic Empire of Chelix and following swiftly was a Paladin of Sarenrae creating a small but strong network of churches and shrines throughout the Kingdom.

Religion today

Although the number of deities worshiped on Golarion is vast, the faiths of twenty deities stand head and shoulders above the others. It’s generally possible to find clerics of any of these twenty faiths inside of Korvosa’s walls, although in some cases (particularly those of the evil faiths), one might have to look long and hard.

The Crimson Throne is dominated by two religions, the worship of Abadar at the Bank of Abadar, for he is not only the god of cities and merchants, but also the patron of the city’s guards and protectors; and Pharasma who’s priests tend to Korvosa’s dead and maintains the imposing the Grand Cathedral in the city necropolis – It is said that birth, business and death are the first rules this city.

There are also a number of smaller churches, the Black Temple of Asmodeus is well respected and increasingly influential, although this church’s faithful are always careful to operate just on the legal side of the law, with sacrifices provided only on a volunteer basis. The Abbey of Sarenrae is a center for adventurers and explorers throughout the region and many of the city’s commoners prefer Sarenrae as a patron

The Sanctuary of Shaylin is the centre of art and music but is not ministered by a full time priest. Finally there is the newly constructed Pantheon of the many; this large and impressive building collects 17 of the Inner sea pantheon together in one place for worship as well as a handful of less well known faiths brought to the city by the trade seas or wealthy travelers and adventurers.

There are only three faiths expressly forbidden by law in the Crimson Throne, worship of Gorum, Lamashtu, and Rovagug can result in imprisonment or even execution, despite this these death cults occasionally rear their ugly heads.


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