Korvosan territories


Korvosan Towns

Varisian Caravan Routes

Dawn Shadow Path

This trail follows the Jeggare River and the edge of the Mindspin Mountains from Korvosa, through Janderhoff, to Kaer Maga.

Crimson Coast Road

This coastal trail spans most of Korvosa’s territory, starting in Melfesh and passing through Bloodsworn Vale to Skelt in Nirmathas.


This route ranges from Magnimar all the way to the headwaters of the Yondabakari River.


Branching from the easternmost reaches of the Yondabakari, this road continues across the Storval Plateau into lands to the east, eventually following the River Esk to Lastwall’s capital, Vigil.

Dwarven Teratories

Neutral or Enemy territories

Korvosan territories

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